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Hello one and all! If this is your first time visiting the ole' Jonesie then please let me explain a little. I write on a variety of topics. (basically whatever may pop into my head or even whatever rant I have for the day.) Some things are a little out there, I admit. But honestly, I have spent so much of my life worrying about what others think that when I finally released myself from the "rules and roles of society" I really began to find myself. So, my request is that you read more than just one post before you decide. I promise somewhere along the way I am sure you will say what so many others have said at one time or another: Jonesie, you simply say what others only think in their heads!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Super Great Comments......

Well, I am just a bit bored with posting and can't think of anything witty to say so I am going to say 'eff it and just post a few comments from other bloggies that I find quite interesting and some down right funny!

Let's start with this one: 

In response to my post I Want an 'Eff it Day, Onion from A Lot of Layers said:
Effe'd it yesterday, so I am all caught up. Glad you enjoyed. I kind of eff'ed it today too. A half-eff kind of day.  I like the thought of "catching up on my 'effing it. Just sounds fun to me!

In response to A Major Bitch of Mine: (which I still have not told you about)  
The Onion said...
Oooh, bitch tease! 
 I love teasing! It makes me have all the power!

In response to Lurking My Blog Are You Now
Loader girl said...
Blog perv.......lmao! 
I just like hearing the word blog perv. 


 In response to my post I'm friends with a killer... 

Emily said...
Jonsie! Thank you, I guess??? I am NOT a happy murderer mind you. You make me sound so callous! Nice post though. : )
It's nice to know if someone is actually in the act of murdering they are not picturing happy little easter bunnies hopping around.  Maybe that's because I am getting a posse together to kill him?    
And to round out today's post, mainly because I am lazy, fat and hungry I am going to give just one more shout out for a great comment.  And the winner is......where the hell is the drum roll people?....oh they must be on break along with congress....
In response to my post What the Fuckety Fuck?
Elle said...
LOL! That's great! I love the shout out for people for the sheer sake that they say "fuckety fuck". Brilliant. I think I have seen her blog, hell, I may even be a follower. I desperately follow so many people that I can't keep their cynacism and my own straight. Missed you this weekend, Jonsie, while I was stuck with my effin family.
Just loving it! I got Elles' Belles into my mood that day! A quick shout out to the originator of that phrase though. My gal over at Confessions of a Recovering Cynic. I stole that phrase from her.  I would say borrow but seriously will I give a gem like that back? NOPE!  That's it folks! Leave me an 'effin comment and let me know if you are having a lazy, 'eff it, kill the easter bunny, What the Fuckety Fuck or even a Bon Jovi type of day.  (Yes, I am a die hard fan and still listening to my man of my mental orgasms this long after the concert!)


  1. Thanks for stopping by http://lionessrebirthorg.blogspot.com.

    I would also like to invite you to a blog hop that i will be hosting tomorrow-April 27. Please come by and sign up. It is a way to meet new followers.


  2. Thanks for liking the way I steal your words for my comments. It's like recycling, yo.


  3. Aww!!! You really do like me!!! (never mind the fact that it's due to me using "effing, kill the hoppy bastard, fuckety fuck happily stolen" we are kindred souls...if we do in fact have souls. Some people call me evil, I call myself fun. Tomato, tomahto! Whateve. They can go to hell with the effing Easter Bunny and his mother f*cking Reeses Eggs!

  4. Creative post! Hope your day isn't too effin bad.


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