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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Grocery Shopping.....Cooking.... eating and other problems...

Where's the 'effin hate button?  Hm??? You know the opposite of that 'effin facebook like button?  If there were one I would push HATE so many times on the grocery shopping topic.

I didn't quite like grocery shopping in my pre-whale days but now that I am gluten free I REALLY hate it. I spend over 2 hours every single 'effin time just to search and read, and then put the item back on the shelf because of some sort of wheat, bran, rye, malt, msg something!  ARGH!

If I were like my fur pigs then it wouldn't be a problem. I would just lay around in my cage all day and wait for a humanoid to walk by and squeak at them to bring me something. I would love the fact that that humanoid brought me fruit, veggies and even more fruit!

But damnit I am the humanoid and not a fur piggie! I have to eat protein and that means cooking some sort of meat, usually turkey or chicken because on top of the gluten issue I have intestine issues and have had my colon removed and therefore can't process other meat well.  Oh I could eat fish too EXCEPT they are now radioactive. Thanks Japan!!

So, I am stuck eating chicken, turkey and some occasional pork (which I really don't like that much at all.) Here's the problem with that. IT HAS TO BE COOKED! I am so whale like now that I don't want to cook. I am LAZY.  I got quite used to the precooked shit the store sells but now I realize how much garbage they put in that pkg on top of the garbage food I was aware of.  Geeeezzz!

What is a lazy ass, gluten free, anti radioactive, non piggie, whale of a humanoid like me supposed to do?

After all that you would think I would lose some weight but NOPE!  Even after walking around the gluten poison filled grocery store I know I didn't lose one single 'effin ounce.

The thought has crossed my mind to open an entirely gluten free grocery store here in SA.  Surely, it could be a success if I could get off my lazy ass and research it maybe it would work.
  Before, I put too much effort into that thought tell me yours.  Do you think it would be a success/failure? Why or why not? 

 P.S.  To those that CAN eat gluten and have no worries ie: gut wrenching pain that takes you to the ER or causes your body to attack itself which will inevitably end in death I have a picture just for you: 


  1. YES!!! Anything project that you start, you do your utmost best at it. I bet it would be a hit for the gluten-free restaurants & bakeries to buy their ingredients locally.

  2. My friend Tina is gluten-free, and she put up this AWESOME recipe for peanut-butter cookies:
    1 c. Peanut Butter
    1 c. White sugar
    1 egg
    (1/2 c. chocolate chips? I think yes.)
    Mix together, form little balls, make criss cross patterns with a fork on each cookie, bake for 8 mins at 350 F.

    They don't spread out very much so beware of that but they are SOOOO GOOD! Maybe they will help you feel a little better about the no-gluten thing.


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