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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Digging Creatures

As of this past weekend I now have a new skill that I can add to my resume..... Digging Creatures.  I must say that I am quite excited as I was trained by the best of the best.... Sir Jonathan. 

Now, for those of you that don't know Sir Jonathan is a highly intellectual individual that could most surely give a run for your money in most daily topics to which I feel greatly honored that he chose little ole me as his subject to train for the day. 

Some of you may wonder who is this very important individual and what possible information could he have that would leave such an impression upon me.  Well, I am here to tell you that Sir Jonathan is quite possibly one of the most interesting 6 yr old little boys I have ever met and with 4 children of my own and countless years of PTA, scouting, karate, school plays etc etc...I have met more than my share of 6 yr old little monsters....errrrr.. boys.

Now, I know that you may think I am biased because of the family relation connection thing but honestly I don't think that is it at all.  I truly stand upon my belief that he is highly intelligent and quite possibly a few years ahead of most others his own age. 

You see Sunday afternoon we had a beach bash with family and friends in honor of my oldest daughter's recent high school graduation. We all gathered to take part in catching a few rays, riding a few waves and just enjoying the day before everyone had to return home. 

We were all having a great deal of fun when I noticed that Jonathan was sitting at the waters edge with a bucket and a small shovel.  As I walked by he gazed up at me and while covered in sand from head to toe he commanded me to watch.  I carefully bent down, closing my eyes and prepared myself for him to perform some horrible trick on me such as pouring a shovel full of sand over my head.  After all he IS still a boy. 

To my surprise I did not feel sand falling over my head so I slowly opened my eyes to just barely catch sight of a small muscle disappearing below the sand.  Jonathan then clearly very proud of himself smiled at me and began the lesson of how to dig up "creatures" and shove them in the sand. 

For the next 20 minutes or so I completely forgot about anyone else around us and became completely wrapped up in his very detailed lesson.  We laughed and laughed as the waves washed back out each time with the outgoing tide to reveal what seemed like hundreds of little "creatures."

I must have been a good student because I was only scolded once or twice by Sir Jonathan on the method and when I asked him if we could do this again sometime he exclaimed sure as if that was the dumbest question I could have ever asked him.

Now, those that know me also know that I hate and I do mean I HATE digging in the sand but this particular day was very different.  I am not sure what it was or even why I began to dig.. except for the fact that I was doing what I had been told to do.  All I know is that for a few short moments I was invited into the world of this amazingly interesting little boy and just thinking about it puts another smile on my face while little tingles go up my arms.  From now on when I see those tiny little muscles I will forever remember the teachings of how to dig creatures by Sir Jonathan!

Thanks for letting me into your world Jonathan!  I loved it and can't wait to be invited back in!

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