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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Separate Toolboxes and other things

I know this sounds crazy but yes we actually have separate toolboxes. One is his and one is mine. The hubbs is not allowed to get into my toolbox without permission. We also have separate kitchen knife sets, separate yard tools and even separate drink glasses.

Why you ask? Well, let me explain the man (did you see the love just went out the window there?) seems to think it's ok to take my things and leave them where ever he last occupies the air mass of this earth.  I swear it's true! I have found tools laying everywhere including in the bathroom beside the toilet after he took a break and just laid it down.

Drinking glasses have been taken out of the house to only end up in under the seat of his car filled with mold, broken or worse they end up on a train at work going who knows where after that.

So, tell me does your hubbs take off with shit for it to never return to it's original home?  Hmm? Do you find kitchen knives that have bent to hell being used as some sort of weapon tool?  Tell me your experiences and let me know I am not alone in this one.


  1. You know my hubby. He uses my tools and they wind up in his toolbox, and heaven forbid if I see them again. I ask and he tells me he doesn't know where my tools are. I won't go in his toolbag because I don't want to get bit by anything in there..LOL Now cooking utensils....I cook here, so I don't have to worry about them. And those glasses, he only drinks fountain drinks so his are disposable.

  2. yes!!!! My home is a vertual graveyard of rusty old tools. DH takes them out and then never returns them until "I am done with the project" as he does not finish the project for years the tools are lost or rusted by the time they are found again.

  3. Should I tell you about the time my husband took my kitchen poultry boning scissors to the garage to cut car upholstery because they were extra sharp.


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