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Thursday, May 27, 2010

A new member to the family

I write this in defeat.  The great mom of no's has been defeated.  Defeated not by my one and only son's shining eyes.  Defeated not by my darling princess Megan's batting lashes but instead defeated by the soft content purr of a guinea pig. 

You see a bit back Christopher's beloved Gerbil (named Oreo) came to an unexpected death.  We don't know what was wrong with her as she never appeared ill.  She simply went from being lively and bouncy playing with Christopher before he left for school to a lifeless, limp bump of fur in Christopher's hands as he tried extremely hard to hold back the tears in his eyes attempting to rush forward like a raging waterfall. 

Of course my heart immediately broke for the sadness I observed in his eyes.  I then heard my voice coming from somewhere within me attempting to console him by assuring we would go first thing after school the next day and get a new gerbil. 

The next day was filled with excitement for the kids and dread for me as we set off for the pet store. While at the pet store Christopher and Megan attempted to sway me into purchasing a guinea pig.  I have always thought that guinea pigs were nasty, smelly and gross.  Where I got this impression is a mystery because the only experience I have had with a guinea pig is through a friend's daughter.  We baby sat er...uhhh guinea pig sat???  for them while they went out of town.  Their guinea pig was huge, smelly and was quite content to bite you for any reason.  Therefore, I did not want one in my house. 

I was able to steer the kids away from the purchase of a guinea pig claiming that we did not have enough funds to purchase a new larger cage which would be required.  So, after realizing I would not budge on my decision Christopher made his choice for a small black gerbil.

Now, I have to explain to you that this gerbil is everything BUT friendly.  She is jumpy, skittish and does not like being handled in any manner.  She is quite content to throw her bedding everywhere OUTSIDE the cage and hide in her little house.  Nothing like the friendly little gerbil we had before.  So, secretly I have named her the devil rat.  No one knows that of course until now but yes that is what I call her. 

Well, we have been traveling along quite fine through daily life until 2 days ago when my dear friend Malissa stated that someone at the school was looking for a home for a guinea pig.  My brain, for some weird reason, jumped to the thought that I could get it for Christopher.  Arrangements were quickly made for the transfer of care into our family for the next morning and I was left with a sense of bewilderment of how I went from no, I don't want a guinea pig in my house to yea I am getting Christopher a guinea pig.  I am still puzzled about this one. 

Well, the night went on and I made no mention of the new member of our family arriving in the morning.  I was secretly thinking maybe the people will change their minds about giving the little rodent away.  Then I can be relieved to not have the worry of yet another pet to make arrangements for when we go out of town. 

No such luck.  The next morning Malissa texts my phone good and early to ask if I am ready for the rodent.  I took a sigh of defeat and texted back sure. 

Soon enough here was the adoption lawyer aka Malissa with cage in hand explaining how cute he was.  CUTE?  He is a rodent I thought.  I kept nodding my head and thinking what am I going to say to get past my husband's raised eyebrows when he finds out. 

Then it happened.  I took the rodent out of the cage and began to stroke his neck.  Oh how soft his fur felt, how smooth and sweet the encounter was going.  And then..................PURRRRRR!  Yes the little shit purred at me!  I jerked my hand away and suspiciously looked at the rodent carefully.  I slowly, ever so slowly began to stroke his neck again and pppuuuuurrrr.  HE PURRED!!  I could not believe that he was actually a little black fur baby that stole my heart! 

Just like that he became my little baby.  I have yet been able to leave him alone.  I love petting him and hearing him talk to me and oh yes we named him.  So, as of yesterday the Jones family has grown by one. 

So, everyone meet Bugsy Jones: 

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