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Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Graduation Luncheon

If you know me at all then you realize that I am bubbling over with pride that my oldest recently graduated from high school.  For the last 2 months anyone blessed (or cursed) to be within arm's length of me have been required to view the graduation pictures that I sleep with, I mean carry proudly in my wallet.

Last Saturday friends and family gathered from all across Texas to attend a special graduation luncheon held in her honor.  Of course Ashley Renee had to be fashionably late as she still has to make a grand entrance but she was soon brought to tears with a special video made by our dear family friend Bill Robertson.  The video was a caption of her life from birth to graduation highlighting pictures of Ashley Renee and those people throughout her life that had in one way or another played an important role.

To everyone that attended and sent well wishes thank you for helping make this a wonderful memory!

Below are a few pictures from the luncheon we hope you will enjoy!

 Paw Paw, Ashley Renee and Maw Maw (Aubrey far right)

 Julanne, Ashley Renee and Laura
(Ashley Renee and Laura have been friends since the 5th grade!)

Megan helps Ashley read her cards 

A beautiful graduation necklace given to Ashley
Quite possibly the best part of the entire luncheon: THE CAKE!

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