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Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Timing of Christmas Holidays?

What the hell were the school district schedule making gods thinking when they set the dates for holidays?  I mean what parent in their right mind (OK that is really funny because is a parent EVER in their right mind?) wants a full week of NOTHING to do with the kids BEFORE Christmas?

This is pure madness!  The little brats ones have nothing more to do than stare at the effin tree and beg to open a present.  When they get screamed at told no enough then they venture off in another room to get bored all over again and turn on each other like a pack of wild dogs.

Of course when I hear the war cries for bloody murders shrieks for help I have the parental curse duty to step in between them and throw them to opposite sides of the room calmly suggest a cooling off period.

I mean give me a break!  Wouldn't two weeks AFTER Christmas be more sensible?  At least they would have something to occupy their minds.   All those ridiculously high priced gadgets that we spent probably two or three months salary on would control their little addicted fingers until they fell into an exhaustion coma in the wee hours of the morning.

All the while I could enjoy my own self induced drug-like coma with a super marathon of Criminal Minds, House or Law and Order.  (And if those don't work I won't admit one bit to resorting to a marathon of Top Chef, Top Model or even Bad Girls Club.)

Either way I think that all parents should rise up and start the crusade to adjust the school Christmas holiday one week LATER in order to allow us as parents the ability to utilize the plethora of electronic gadgets  educational instrumentation of many shapes and sizes babysit our children educate and stimulate the minds of our children for one extra week before returning to the conventional confines of a classroom.

What do you say parents???  COME ON!  ARE YOU WITH ME?   I will take the lead and approach school boards all across America and let our voices be heard!  (ummmmm... right after I get another cup of coffee and watch a bit more of my Criminal Minds marathon.)

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