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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Can he spend $300?

So you see I am sitting here with my head SPINNING!  My hubs just text me to ask if he could spend $300 bucks.  HOLY SHIT was my reaction.  (Glad he was texting and then he couldn't hear me say that on the phone!) 

You see, he and the son are out shopping for my gift.  Some would say what the hell is my problem right?  I mean wouldn't most women be overjoyed at the idea that their husband is out shopping for a gift AND it's in the $300 range?  Well, not me!  This thought TERRIFIES me to the point of having an anxiety attack. 

My husband God help him is NOT a romantic person.  He is NOT the initiator in our relationship in any form or fashion.  He has been quite satisfied with me telling the kids what to buy me for Christmas's and birthdays for nearly 9 years now.  My Christmas's have been filled with feigned excitement as I open my gifts with the only surprise for me being in what order will my items be opened.

Seriously folks.  Hubs has not one single creative, romantic bone in his body.  At least not until recently.  He completely threw me off kilter with a surprise of a beautiful necklace he had purchased on a business trip to Utah.  I was so shocked I almost pissed my pants!  LITERALLY! 

Well, now that the kids are getting older they are breaking off and buying their gifts for everyone individually instead of as a group effort.  So, I figured the gifts for me were going to seriously start becoming more of a stretch and eventually end up with me simply buying what I want and saying this is from you. 

But now, he is throwing me for a real loop today.  He won't give me much of a clue as to what it is except that I have asked for it.  Well, shit man!  I am a woman and I have attempted to ask for everything shiny, pretty, expensive and basically anything else that caught my eye for the last two months.  (I wanted to give him plenty of options.)  But now, I have suggested so many things that I can't quite figure out what the hell he is plotting. 

For the first time in a LONNNNGGG time I am truly hoping to be surprised (and not in one of those ohhh yea this is greatttt... Thank you sooooo much dear ways.)

Cross your fingers for me everyone!  Hopefully, the hubs has taken the dive and is going to attempt something to wow me!  (A girl can hope right???)


  1. I can't wait to find out what it is! My husband is a lot like yours. He gets me what I ask for but no surprises. If he does get me a surprise he tells me about it before I can open it. You are giving me hope that one day he may see the light!

  2. Emily,

    As soon as I saw the box under the tree or rather beside the tree I knew what it was.... a NEW TV!!! My own for my bedroom! YIPPPEEE!!

    The surprise wasn't so much the gift itself but more that he thought to get it! Or even that he PAID ATTENTION this whole year each time I drooled over the TV's at Costco! OMG! It's beautiful!~

    Yes, have faith sista! There is hope! :)


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