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Friday, November 12, 2010

My Car is Dead

Let me begin by explaining that I realize this story is now 5 days old but I assure you that I was not in any sort of condition on Monday to calmly or politely relay that particular day's events.

Monday began as so many others had before, slow and methodical.  The kids got off to school, the oldest one got of to work and I settled in with a cup of coffee to line out my to do list for the day.  On the list I had placed get an oil change for my car near the very top with the knowledge that it had not happened in very long time.

I had been sick for nearly a year and half with almost a full year of that time frame spent so weak I barely got out of bed.  Therefore, many of the normal everyday things that have been getting done were deserted in the land of I'll get to it.

Well, here I am a year and a half later trying to get to many of those abandoned things and discovering how much really was NOT completed by those around who said they would do it.   The layers of dust resting on the tops of shelves, the tv, and dressers are not only atrocious but also quite scary!  The yard hasn't been cut in months and I won't even begin to describe the current state of the pool.  The spider population has multiplied several times over in the dark corners of each room and the wasp nest hanging on the back porch has actually taken on the oddest shape I have ever seen.

Now, one may ask do I live alone and the answer would be a sad, long sigh.  No, my house is supposed to be home to my dear husband and my two youngest children.  The ones dearest in my life are now hearing what is becoming my rather frequent cry of OH MY! You have GOT to be kidding!  I have said this statement so many times in the last week that one would think it was actually a broken record playing somewhere in a forgotten corner.

In the seemingly unending list of previously forgotten ignored chores is my car and it's lack of oil changes.  All this time I had thought possibly just maybe my significant other had been taking care of this chore but I was rudely awakened from this blissful dream state on Monday when I took the car into Jiffy Lube.

Uhhh, mam?  How long has it been since you had your oil changed? ---the oil change guy
Well, it shouldn't have been too long ago.----me
Can I show you something?---the oil change guy
>GULP< Sure.---me

Then the oil change guy proceeded to show me the gunk built up in the engine.  At this time I will simply skip to the point to say an engine flush occurred and then after an oil change I zipped off down the road intending to pick up Megan Beth and friends from orchestra practice.  Here I am zipping on down the road, glancing at my clock on the dash and deciding that I had plenty of time to get there (10 mins or so) and

Long story short (not because I am lazy but truly because if I go on much longer my blood pressure is sure to raise to extremely unhealthy levels once again)
  •  I called my BFF and had her pick up the orchestra bunch. (THANK GOD!)
  •  The manager of the hotel of which I am now blocking his precious driveway doesn't bother to ask if I am ok but instead (insert TONS of sarcasm here) was oh so very kind to help push the car out of the way so as to clear the hotel driveway.
  • I fight with my roadside assistance for the next 45 minutes regarding my exact location. (MORONS!)
  • 2 1/2 hours later the tow truck arrives  (SERIOUSLY???)
  • I hitch a ride from BFF's Hubby and my cousin who proceeds to explain to me that I know where the Jiffy Lube is.  (Love ya cousin but ROLL MY EYES!)
  • I sit in a dark house realizing the true magnitude of the previous 3 hours events.  
  • I send oldest child to Jack-In-The-Box for crappy gluten-filled food.  
Such is my life........

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