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Thursday, September 9, 2010

An Adventure of a Morning!

Well, I will not have any pictures to share in this post even though every single post I have had in the past always included pictures.  I will apologize from the beginning as this is a post a little off the norm for me but I am still a bit fumed/ticked/awed at parents and the lack of their parenting skills these days and need to vent a bit.

I began my morning with a nice cold RC cola and a smile.  (See lately I have not had the desire for coffee as odd as it sounds I have craved RC cola every single morning! Weird! I know!)

Anyways, I was going about my morning routine of a few laughs with Megan to help her day off to a good start and was successful at getting her out the door on time.  Then began my morning intellectual conversation with Chris which happens EVERY single morning! Don't get me wrong I do enjoy it usually but it is really hard to follow him in an in depth conversation regarding politics, society, religion or whatever other deep topic he chooses at 7am in the morning. I try very hard to follow but at that point I am still working on my morning quota of caffeine intake.  Therefore, he usually gets a few well timed nods and if he is lucky he gets an I see comment thrown in for good measure.

About the time I notice he is staring at me obviously waiting for a reply to some intelligent comment he must have just made the local news station announces the current time on the tv.  Ahhh!! Saved by the clock!  It's time for the little Einstein to leave and catch the school bus. Quick hugs were exchanged because after all he cannot risk someone seeing him show affection to his mom at his age. Out the door he goes and I quickly pull the soft furry throw blanket off the back of the sofa to cover my feet.

Just as nice soft lull of comfort washes over me and I settle in to watch some of my previously recorded tv shows there is a rude knock at my door. DAMN!  Who could that be?  Another Kirby sales man?  Charles has already bought two, count them TWO vacuums since we moved here 6 years ago. *Rolling my eyes*
Maybe it's a city worker telling me he needs in my back yard (again!) to access the lines in my backyard or possibly it's a neighbor bringing home my escape artist of a yorkie dog.

I grudgingly leave my soft blanket to peer out the peep hole and see that it is Chris.  I get that all knowing mom feeling in the pit of my stomach and know that something has happened.  I open the door to hear that once again Chris has been the subject of a bully attack. GEEEEZZZZZ!!

Apparently the little crapper of a kid who has bullied Chris since 3rd grade (Chris is now in 7th grade) grabbed Chris' coffee and caused it to spill down his back.  Chris was soaked and had to come home to change clothes causing him to miss the bus.  

Well, at this point I am trying to decide if I am more pissed that I have to now drive him to school or at the fact that the crapper kid has struck again.  I decide quickly that I am going to handle this once and for all.  I throw on some decent clothes and hop in the car with the decision to confront the crapper kid's father.  We drive to where we thought they lived only to find that they no longer live at that location.  However, the kid that answered the door was kind enough to provide me with the cell phone number of the crapper kid's dad.

An hour and half later I have taken Chris to school, reported the incident and left a message for the crapper kid's dad and am back at home writing this post.  I am realizing that the dad will most likely neglect to call me back and that I once again am facing the cold hard fact that I live in a time when parents do not really care what their children do or don't do as long as it doesn't affect them.  I suppose I will have to take comfort in the fact that at least MY children are being taught what is right and wrong in this world.  And what is right is simply this: Try to avoid confrontation but if it doesn't leave you alone then make sure you take the advice of Mr. Miyagi in the Karate Kid movies:

Fighting is not good but if one must fight, one must win. 

To which I always add if you must take care of business then be sure you are aware and ready to accept the consequences you will receive. 


  1. 1. Nearly 1 in 3 students is involved in bullying.

    It’s estimated that nearly 30% — or 5.7 million children — are involved in bullying, as victims, perpetrators, or both. Studies have found that 15 to 25% of students in the U.S. are bullied, and 15 to 20% bully others.

    2. While school violence as a whole is declining, bullying behaviors have increased by 5%.

    Over the past few years, school violence has declined by 4%. That doesn’t mean that schools are safe havens, however. Bullying behavior increased by 5% between 1999 and 2001. Also, 86% of public schools in 2005-6 reported reported one or more incidents of violence or theft.

    3. Kids who are obese, gay, or have disabilities are up to 63% more likely to be bullied than other children.

    Studies have shown that obese children are 63% more likely to be targets of bullying. Gay youth are also significantly more likely to be bullied, with lesbians experiencing bullying at 3 times the rate of other youth.

    Kids with learning disabilities, speech impediments, ADHD, and medical conditions that affect their appearance (such as cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy, and spina bifida) are also at higher risk of being bullied. One study found that 83% of adults who stuttered when they were kids reported they had been teased or bullied for it.

    4. Boys are more likely than girls to bully others.

    According to studies, boys are more likely than girls to report that they bully others. Boys are also usually only bullied by other boys, while girls report being bullied by both boys and girls.

    5. Boys and girls get bullied in different ways.

    The most frequent type of bullying experienced by both boys and girls is verbal bullying. But that’s where the similarities end. Boys are far more likely to be hit, slapped, pushed, or be exposed to other types of physical bullying. Girls, on the other hand, are at higher risk for being socially excluded, having rumors spread about them, or being targeted with sexual comments.

    After reading your blog, I found these very interesting and up-to-date stats.

    Ashley Loader

  2. Ah Geeze,
    Just what you need to deal with now. I do hope the Dad does care enough to call back and he is not representative of the child. 7th Grade, and the same child. Poor Chris.



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