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Sunday, February 15, 2009

2008 in closing

Dear Friends and Family,
As 2008 quickly draws to a close we sit and reflect on many things. Charles and I continually stay in complete awe of what God has done for us as individuals, as husband and wife, and as people in general.
In 2008 we shared in the joy of the addition of two beautiful nephews Lane and Sammy. It's amazing to hold a new life in our arms and see the innocence on their faces. However, we admit that it's also nice to hand them back over to mommy when they cry! **grins**
Family relationships have been tested with different situations but some have grown stronger than they ever were before and others are on the road to healing. Still others will simply take time and prayer.
The kids are doing well in their school work and activities. Chris is in his final year as a Cub Scout and is quite excited about being a "real" Boy Scout in March 09. Megan and Kelsey are once again preparing for the annual sale of Girl Scout cookies. (OH BOY!)
We acquired 3 new fur babies in our house this year as well as a hard shell. (That is what Megan calls her turtle.) We took over ownership of 2 Fox Terriers that a lady could no longer care for due to her health. Their names are Snow and Toy. Snow is pretty quiet and calm but her younger sister Toy is affectionately nicknamed Pogo Puppy because she is so bouncy. Sam cat is a Siamese cat with beautiful markings that just showed up at our house one day. We all say he chose us as his family.
Deep true friendships have been made this year to which I know that both Charles and I truthfully appreciate. We are finding that true friendships are very hard to come by and when we are blessed with them we should cherish them for the rare gems that they are.
While 2008 has been a struggle for the most part some good things have happened. We have been focused enough to pay off several more bills, therefore reducing some of our monthly costs, as well as accomplishing a few upgrades on the house that were needed.
I have been blessed with a steady line of work with a Canadian company that has entrusted me with a large account. Thankfully, this company is much better and quicker at meeting payroll than some of the other companies I have worked for in the past.
Charles' work has remained steady despite the threat of layoffs with today's economy worries. We only pray that this will continue through the New Year.
All in all I feel that we have grown much stronger and certainly more determined to seek God in all we do. We are grateful for the growth that God has shown us through our experiences and how HE has guided us to become stronger individuals. We are learning that as humans we cannot do it all, control it all nor can we fix it all, but when we rely on HIM we can do anything!
May we all continue to seek HIM and be blessed in the New Year!
Charles, Janet and the kids
as well as Sassie, Snow, Toy, Sam Cat, and Zachary the Turtle! (Included at the request of Megan J)

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