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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Great Phone Fiasco!

Well, yesterday was an adventure to say the least.  It all began with Charles realizing that he had lost his phone.  I am not talking just any old phone but his $500 Tmobile Dash!  I honestly did not get upset at all (surprisingly!).   I mean literally just the day before I had dropped my own phone in a glass of water.  Don't ask how I did that.  Let's just leave it at I am and always have been very talented!  LOL

Anyways... I felt so bad for Charles because he drove all the way back to the rail office and attempted to retrace his steps to locate the missing phone with no avail. 

Therefore, we went to the Tmobile store and waited for almost an hour to speak to a salesperson to determine which phone to get.  It was finally decided that I would get a new phone and he could have my old one which had dried out and was working fairly well. 

So, now I have a Tmobile MyTouch which is advertised to be the equivalent to the new ATT Itouch.  I have mixed emotions about this phone.  It is so freaking hi-tech that I am having a great deal of trouble figuring it out.  Because it's able to be "personalized" so much there really is no instructions for the darn thing! 

I have figured out, with a bit of frustration I might add, that I am able to insert my contacts.  OHHHH!! Did I forget to mention that when I switched sim cards I "thought" that my contacts were saved on the sim but in fact they were actually saved on the phone???  Thus, the statement about finally figuring out how to insert my contacts.  (Please note the slight amount of dripping sarcasm here.)

I can only let you know that over the course of the next few days I may discover that I am glad to have purchased insurance on this phone because I may end up throwing it across the room!

All in all the moral of this story is that if you are an 80's baby or older you may want to consider if you have enough patience to work a new hi-tech gadget that every single teenager in this country seems to utilize with the greatest of ease!

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