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Hello one and all! If this is your first time visiting the ole' Jonesie then please let me explain a little. I write on a variety of topics. (basically whatever may pop into my head or even whatever rant I have for the day.) Some things are a little out there, I admit. But honestly, I have spent so much of my life worrying about what others think that when I finally released myself from the "rules and roles of society" I really began to find myself. So, my request is that you read more than just one post before you decide. I promise somewhere along the way I am sure you will say what so many others have said at one time or another: Jonesie, you simply say what others only think in their heads!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Something interesting....9 Questions...

Well, lately I have tried and tried to get some inspiration for writing but because of the drugs the doctor gave me, I am an exhausted lazy whore, I have writer's block I went searching for a few ideas and stumbled upon Saturday 9.

Check it out.  It's kinda neat.  But before you do read the questions below and respond with your own answers! You can answer 1, 2 or even all if you choose! But for the love of God, don't lurk today.  This girl needs a little encouragement today. 

1. Have you ever lost a friend after he/she got married?  Well, I wouldn't way lost but our friendship DEFINITELY changed after we both got married.  *Le Sigh*

2. Do you make friends easily?  Well, you dumbass! Of course I do!  I mean I am a shameless attention whore that has no problem begging for feedback from total strangers! 

3. Do you have many close friends?  No, thus the word close.  You have to pretty damn fantastic to win that spot on my friends list.  I do have auditions every once in a while though so if interested in holding that prized position submit your resume to me. Be sure to include any house cleaning abilities, child care experience (ok who am I kidding.  If you have had a pet goldfish you will get this one checked off on your list). Also, include any massage experience, grocery store shopping abilities and general talent in listening to an individual bitch about non important things.

4. Tell us about your oldest friend.  Shit, my oldest friend?  Does this mean in age or in time we have been friends?  I will take the latter.  My oldest friend would have to be Caro.  We have been friends since high school.  God the secrets she could (and better NOT!) share.  She is generally one of the kindest, caring individuals I know.  Geez, she would have to be a good person to still be my friend after all these years!

5. Tell us about your newest friend. Oh damn.  This just gets tougher and tougher.  My newest friend? Are you kidding me? I don't really have a new friend.  Have you read my previous posts? I am a neurotic fur baby loving, bitchy, who hates getting rammed in the rear unexpectedly! (You dirty ass minded people! I was referring to the lady who rammed into the back of our van last week!)

6. Do you hang out with your friends often, or just occasionally when you can find time?  Well, I see my BFF almost every day.  But generally it's when I find time. 

7. What's the furthest you've traveled to visit (or vacation with, etc.) a friend?  Ohhhhh I like this one.  Let's see. I went to Vegas once.  And then I went to California and even Illinois!  That was fun!

8. What's the biggest or best thing a friend has ever done for you?  Well, I like my surprise bday party I had this year.  Basically anything where I get all the attention is good for me!

9. What's the worst or most hurtful thing that a friend (or an ex-friend) has done to you? She admitted to me that she had sexy dreams about my hubbs.  Not a good thing!  How could I be friends after that?


  1. 1 yes but we talk now
    2 when I was a kid yes, but now I have trust issues.
    3 no
    4 That would be Jimmie my brother who lives in Sweden, we have been friends since I was 13
    5 Cora at work. I like her alot but Idk if you would call her a friend.
    6 Around the house yeah
    7 Haven't.
    8 well, one friend gave me his car, I gave it back after I got my own. One friend gave my daughters his dr susse collection.
    9 The worst? Well... my once bff helped me down a road of destruction hatered and suffering which would of cost my soul if my sister hadn't kept inviting me to church.

  2. 1)Luckily, no.
    2)Yes, I'm amazing that way.
    3)Yes, about 7 girls and a gay guy. I'm lucky.
    4)My oldest friend I've known since birth. She was 2 months old. It's Liz from LYLAS.
    5)My newest friend is actually you. It takes a lot for me to trust someone, but I actually do consider you a friend, which is why I tend to panic a bit when you disappear for days at a time since we have never actually met in person. I have several blogging friends that I sometimes like more than the ones surrounding me. : )
    6)Yes, I hang with Emily, Kyla and Scott a lot. Scott and Kyla I see at least once a week, sometimes more. Emily I see everyday, but we hang once a week or so.
    7)Emily, Scott, Kyla and I have been to Kentucky, New York, Arkansas, South Carolina and Georgia.
    8)I don't know that there has ever been anything big, but they do small things that make me feel good. Like a Mother's Day card from Emily just because it reminded her of me.
    9)Completely turned against me, when I needed them most. All three of them at different times. I have forgiven, but not forgot. We all made mistakes. We're good now.


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