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Friday, May 27, 2011

Fur Tales....

So, since my Can I Get Some Num Nums is to date my most popular and read post I figured that I would start a new series of posts.  They won't be on a regular basis or anything just here and there as things happen with my mini farm of fur babies here.  

So, here goes. 
I thought I would tell you about my fur baby Sam Cat.  I know I may have mentioned him before but just for recaps I will give you a little info on this massive pile of fur.
This is what he looks like: 
Yup. That is Sam Cat.  He is about 11 lbs, Siamese and has the bluest eyes I have ever seen. 
Although in this picture they caught the light and he looks like a warrior of  Satan with his red glare.

He adopted us.  Yes, I said that right. We bought our house about 5 years ago now and 
he just came up one day and gradually my daughter made friends with him against me
yelling telling everyone we did not need another cat. However, he kept hanging around]
despite the promises of my girls that they weren't feeding him.  Yeah right!

Then one day my oldest told me he had quote "nothing back there". Meaning we 
did not have to worry about him procreating new little demons all over my backyard. 

I finally sighed and gave in. So, 5 years later we have Sam Cat.  We love him and I think he loves us.
I say think because on the nights that I get fed up with his Siamese demands he takes off and 
the next morning comes home smelling of cinnamon. So, I picture he is curled up in some 
old ladies lap who either smokes weed and uses the cinnamon as incense 
or she rubs it all over him.

So that is my intro for Sam Cat. What about you? 
Tell me about your or one of your fur children. 



  1. I love the weed smoking old lady!!!! Omg! LMAO here!!! Mainly because I could totally see that...Penny is my baby. She black, hairy and has big brown eyes. I don't feel the need to have another baby thanks to her! : )


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