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Hello one and all! If this is your first time visiting the ole' Jonesie then please let me explain a little. I write on a variety of topics. (basically whatever may pop into my head or even whatever rant I have for the day.) Some things are a little out there, I admit. But honestly, I have spent so much of my life worrying about what others think that when I finally released myself from the "rules and roles of society" I really began to find myself. So, my request is that you read more than just one post before you decide. I promise somewhere along the way I am sure you will say what so many others have said at one time or another: Jonesie, you simply say what others only think in their heads!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Tuesday Tidbits...

Well, it's another Tuesday, which means it's time for (drum roll please) 

Tuesday Tidbits!!!!!!!!!!!! (Said to the tune of the old Muppets Pigssssssssss in Spaaceeeeeeeeeee!  Ok did I just show my age there?? SHUT THE HELL UP!)

Instead of enlightening your day with stupid useless shit from around the world I will instead enlighten your day with juicy little tidbits from my daily blog hopping adventures!   So, everyone get ready for a little bloggie type gossip!  
In my morning blog hop I found out that poor Emily is probably scratching her head and wondering who the hell she teamed up with on her used to be innocent blog over at LYLAS Plus.  Two of those crazy ass bitches (Elle and Jonsie...... oh could that be me?? *batting my eyelashes so innocently here) have even started up their own "cupcake" kind of language! 

What is this world coming too?  Well, I will tell you!  Over at LYLAS and Co. Emily (think there is some sort of weird clannish shit going on with all these blogs being connected??? **raising my eyebrows here!**) nearly let her poor son have a fatal accident while he was trying to enjoy a simple bike ride in the garage and somehow he ended up sailing into the ROAD! (I think she may have actually pushed him into the road! J/K!!)

I have also found out that TV Take's daughter has actually been brainwashed (subliminally of course!) into speaking Starbucks and Aubrey over at Half Baked has officially blown her cover and admitted she is really a werewolf in cute clothing!  

I won't even begin to share with you the details of the layer being revealed today over at A Lot of Layers! You will have to simply check that one out for yourself!

So, now that I have done my morning blog hop I will run on over to Facebook and see if it will be so kind as to grace me with access since the Facebook bastards seemed to be excluding me all morning and have denied me the golden key to the gate that will lead to the chosen land of daily Bullshit updates and other senseless information on about 150 of my closest friends that I care so much about that I haven't seen since high school.  I mean after all I deeply care about every single one of those people on my friend's list right and I really would not give a kidney for any one of them! 

Did you smile AT LEAST ONCE while reading this post? Well, leave me a damn comment!  I need a fix to feel like someone reads this shit well written award winning quality blog! 



  1. Wish I was laughing my ass off but I'm just laughing because God hates me and wants me to always have a fat ass! Nice one about Emily pushing her son!! Cupcake it! So that's a blog hop, huh?! Well, we're gonna have to try it. Don't worry, I'll throw ya a bone-r or two! Cupcake ya later!

  2. and cupcake to you too my Elles Belles!



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