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Thursday, March 24, 2011

It comes in threes......

Well, I haven't ever been a big superstitious believer or anything.  I mean I have made the jokes of oh no there goes a black cat crossing my path or it must be in the stars, but I really haven't ever gotten much into all that mumbo jumbo superstitious stuff.

However, after a day like yesterday I may just change my mind.  You know that old saying it comes in threes?  Well, yesterday it sure did!

First: I sliced (and when I say slice I do mean SLICE!) my thumb open!  I think that I must have mistaken it for a fish that I wanted to cook or something!  My entire left thumb is wrapped up completely now (thanks to the school nurse!) with a huge bandage making it very hard to type.  This brilliant act of carving happened when I was trying to take off the little plastic cover that is on the el cheapo razor I decided to buy last week. There I was fiddling with it and getting quite frustrated while watching TV (yes I see the mistake here) when my thumb slipped and off came the plastic cover.  This was all fine and dandy since I wanted the cover off BUT in the process my thumb slid straight across that double bladed weapon razor and filleted the skin right open!

Second: Poor Megan Beth slammed her finger in the van's sliding door after school yesterday.  Now, it was most horrific because I had already walked all the way up to the front door when I heard her scream: OPEN THE DOOR.   I tell you that I dropped what I had in my hands, ran to the van and then as fast as my fumbling hands would allow (remember my thumb is all bandaged up) I got the keys to unlock the door.  Now, of course since I am such a cheap skate (remember I bought el cheapo razors??) I have a basic vehicle without the push button unlockey thingy.  So, I had to actually put the key in the door and turn the damn thing to unlock the doors.  All the time she is yelling: HURRY HURRY HURRY. IT HURTS IT HURTS IT HURTS! 

Third: As if that isn't enough (remember things happen in threes right?) Nay Nay (my oldest) went into the ER last night and was admitted to the hospital with a collapsed lung.  It is apparently a side effect of her heart condition she has, her thin body structure, her smoking (yes I know!  Believe me she hears about this all the time from me!) and her neglectful manner of her required daily medicine taking.  I think pray this is a wake up call for her and she will now go to the dr. and take her daily medicine she is supposed to be doing because honestly I just can't imagine a world without my Nay Nay.  No matter how annoying I may be to her she can be to me, I will always only have one Nay Nay.  I just can't imagine a life without my annoying baby girl Nay Nay.

So, there it is in a nutshell.  Things happen in threes or so they say.  (Just who are THEY?)  As long as nothing happens with Chris at school, the hubs at work today or with Kelsey K tonight at Cirque Du Soleil (can you believe she gets to go to that????  I never had those kind of cool field trips with my foreign language clubs in school!)  then I will be able to breathe easy again.

As my step daughter would say:

**Le Sigh**


  1. Wow! Your day was poop! I hope that today has been better. I will pray that your Nay Nay takes her freakin meds. Kids! Give us freakin heart attacks, why don't they!

  2. Jeez....what a horrible day for everyone! Here's hoping today is better and like Elle said, Nay Nay takes her freakin meds!


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