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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Words from my 19 yr old... Can she be right?

I was sitting here truly enjoying a visit with my oldest daughter, Ashley and my adopted son her boyfriend Danny the other day when my world seemed to come to a unexpected halt.  You see Ashley made a statement that shocked me from the inside out. 

There we were all sitting having a frank discussion about them NOT NOT NOT getting pregnant right now because I did not want to have to kill my oldest child raise a grandchild.  Of course I agreed that Ashley would have beautiful babies (after she turns 35 at least) but I simply would miss her after she had the baby and I killed her.  (Before you flip out no, I wouldn't really kill her but come on.  You know what I am talking about right?  I just want my daughter to have the time to "find" who she is, mature, experience a bit of life. You know??)

Anyway, let me get to the point of the story.  It was at this time that Ashley looked me right in the eye and very boldly stated that all my babies were double digits now (age wise) and I was getting lonely. 


I of course began to disagree and count off the things I enjoyed about the kids being older but of course I was only met with a laugh from her and a sureeeeeeeee comment. 

Is it true?  Am I getting lonely?  I don't think so.  I think I am actually enjoying this phase of my life.  I mean I think I have it pretty good. 

On one hand:
I don't have to find babysitters to go somewhere. 
I don't have to get up on the weekends if I don't want to.  After all cereal is the breakfast of champs right?
I don't have to worry about diaper bags, car seats or strollers.
I don't have to pick out clothes or dress them. 
I don't have to worry about formula, spit up or clean up poop.
I sleep through the night free from a crying baby.

On the other hand: 
I do feel like a taxi cab.
I have more than my share of concerts, plays and other school functions to attend.
I have more than one PTA due to pay each year.
I have to deal with the teenage emotional roller coaster.

I mean there are arguments for both sides but honestly I think I can safely say that while I do enjoy holding a baby, sniffing their heads and even nibbling on their toes it is WONDERFUL to hand them back to their rightful mommy! 

So, no Ashley I don't think I am lonely.  (Not yet anyway.  LOL)


  1. Somehow in your list of things you enjoy about having older children, you left out the part about coaching them in their young adult years regarding things such as PREGNANCY, relationship woes, career choices, financial responsibility, and the list goes on forever cause the parenting never ends! I can't count the numerous phone calls: "is this supposed to look like this?" "can we eat it anyway?" "how do ypu make (insert every thing u ever taught them to cook...doing it themselvrs causes amnesia)" "this is really gross, and i know you dont want to hear about my sex life, but....." "what should i tell my boss? i dont want her to be mad at me." "i think he is cheating on me, what should i do?"
    i could keep going, but this is your blog!

  2. If you get lonely, I will loan you the J-man for a bit, he won't give you the time to be lonely, or even the time to think clearly for five minutes at a time. =)

  3. Julie,

    You are so very right! YIKES! Maybe I didn't forget as much as deny those? LOL


  4. Aubrey,

    No worries! I am on the mend health wise now! Start counting the days till summer! We are looking forward to having all the kids hopefully TWICE this summer!



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