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Friday, November 5, 2010

Thrift Store Pleasures

My obsession began years ago after being introduced to the world of yard selling with my dear friend Linda.  At least twice a month on a Saturday morning we would hop in the car with an excitement stirring in the pit of our stomachs.  We acted as if we could actually hear the calling of a hidden treasure waiting for us to rescue it from it's pending doom.  We would then exclaim how much money we were able to gather and set off with a spin of the tires.  (Ok, we weren't THAT lame....usually anyways.) We would drive all over Bell county hunting for that "right" item and often came home with things we thought were just amazing!  (Even if others just rolled their eyes at us!)

While I have limited myself to this sort of "thrift" shopping I can't help but let my eyes wander over to scan items strewn across a front lawn when driving by a yard sale.  Through the years my house has often been overrun with an eclectic mixture of style, and oddity from my shopping "finds."    However, this past year or so I have crossed the line into the world of making money off other thrift junkies by selling my stuff.  I really have made quite a bit of money and realized that the pleasure of being able to pay a bill or purchase groceries with money made from this process is quite enjoyable as well.  

So, after almost 1 1/2 years since taking a hit off the "thrift" shopping pipe I didn't think about the ramifications of walking into the Texas Thrift store today.  After all I had a mission in mind to purchase some heavy weight long sleeved shirts for Charles to take to Utah with him on Sunday.  For the first hour nothing happened as I browsed the aisles of men's shirts.  I actually was lucky to find some really nice ones that were in great condition.  

Then it happened.  I turned the corner of an aisle to what I affectionately call the "goodie" aisle.  There were rows and rows of nothing but purely unnecessary STUFF!~  Oh, I could feel my pupils dilate and the hair on my arms stand up with pleasure as the hunt began.  

Soon, I had a beautiful wrought iron candelabra to go by my fireplace (everyone needs one of those right?), a battery operated Coleman clock (that was for Chris' camping trips) a perfectly good set of mustard colored chair cushions (we are tired of sitting on plain ole wood planks since rebuilding the chair bottoms 2 years ago!) and OH YES!   A big goodie bag of Polly Pocket toys for Megan.  There were at least 4 or 5 dolls in it and those little bitches can cost a ton at Walmart! So, that alone makes the mere $5 bucks I paid for that worth the trouble.  

Has the "thrift" monkey crawled on my back again?   

I have heard the saying: Once and addict, always an addict. 

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