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Hello one and all! If this is your first time visiting the ole' Jonesie then please let me explain a little. I write on a variety of topics. (basically whatever may pop into my head or even whatever rant I have for the day.) Some things are a little out there, I admit. But honestly, I have spent so much of my life worrying about what others think that when I finally released myself from the "rules and roles of society" I really began to find myself. So, my request is that you read more than just one post before you decide. I promise somewhere along the way I am sure you will say what so many others have said at one time or another: Jonesie, you simply say what others only think in their heads!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Birthday Happenings.....

For me today began just like any ordinary school day. With a groan at the annoying alarm clock, a quick trip to the potty and cold splash of water on my face I was then ready to begin the task of faking a cheery morning as I woke up the kiddos.   

NOTE: I am NOT nor have I EVER been a morning person.  This have always been true even when I was younger.  The only difference is now I am better at faking it. 

Well anyways, to continue my account of the day. I had accomplished yet another seemingly impossible task of cheerfully getting the kiddos out the door to school and had just laid down on the couch to grab that nice, soft blanket to cover myself.  You know, that blanket I keep on the back of the couch within a short arm's length away from me at all times?  Well, I hardly had time to let the all too comfortable cozy feeling overtake my body when my phone rang.  Of course when I heard my daughter's special ring tone singing a little too happily through the air I had to answer; especially since it was her birthday and all.  

I listened to my daughter chatter on and on for about 20 minutes or so and finally after my ears were completely exhausted (had they been lungs they would have been gasping for air at this point!) she finally got to her point and asked what I had planned for the day.  

Now, this was the question of the day since I had wondered all week what she was planning on her birthday.  I knew what I wanted to do on her birthday but seeing that she is all grown up now I hadn't even dared to suggest spending time together for her birthday.  Well, the strategy paid off and now I knew a golden opportunity was being laid before me.  I smiled inwardly and told her that I would be there to pick her up from work.  

After taking a marathon shower and racing to the mall I ordered a tall frapp, handcrafted by my daughter of course, and waited for her to get off of work. I casually dropped hints of us getting our hair cut to her as she served customers.  

As the 11 o'clock hour arrived she raced over to me and we began the great hair adventure.  We decided upon going to Toni and Guys Salon in the mall and boy oh boy was that the BEST decision I could have made!  The hair gods above must have known we were both in a desperate state with our hair because the busy salon had openings for us and the pampering began!  

Oh!!!  The massage of the head while shampooing, the bringing me my water and magazines, the gossip all around me was a delicious experience! I got so caught up in it all that I forgot about the daily grown of life, school, bills etc. etc. etc. and just laughed and laughed!  I wasn't even worried about the fact that I looked ridiculous with my hair layered up in foil! 

By the end of the day we walked away with fantastic new hair dos, nicely massaged scalps and artfully shaped eyebrows replaced the huge caterpillars that once laid across our foreheads.  While I don't have a pic of my own do take a look at the NEW and IMPROVED Nay Nay! 

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