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Monday, July 4, 2011


So, the other day I talked a bit about being a good steward.  Well, that is still in effect.  For all you Dave Ramsey fans I pulled one of his tricks and had a joint yard sale with a friend.  While I did not make a ton of money I did many about 60 bucks.  Enough to put some gas in the old van and get a much needed haircut for the boy and myself. 

I really thought a lot about those before I did them though.  I wanted to make sure that I didn't jump on an impulse on waste the money.  Now, the issue at hand is a paycheck I have received in the mail. We are so broke I want to make sure that I spend it on the right thing.  I haven't been able to decide.

So, today I figured out that I am to have patience. Patience in working the program and being a good steward.  It seems to me that being a good steward with our money and patience go hand in hand.  I mean there are so many things I want to do with fixing up things in the house but I really need to have patience in getting other things fixed first that we already started.  UGH....

So, do any of you have any suggestions to help me ride this wave?  Do you have any issues like this?  Come on help this girl out.


  1. I'm kinda the same way. We have so many things that we need to do, but even more that we want to do. Seems suckish that we have to always do what we need and very little of what we want. I would say that if there is a particular project that you have started that is more "fun", rewarding, etc. than others, finish that one first. You will be proud of spending the money where it was needed but will get some material satisfaction out of it too. I'm guessing here. That's how I work. We need to replace the roof and hot water heater. I'm inclined to go with the roof first because it will look better, but Aiden wants to go with a new hot water heater. Boring!!! Hope all is well and congrats on your haircut!!!! : )

  2. Elles,

    Only you my friend can understand how boring it is to replace an hot water heater! Thank you!


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