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Friday, March 4, 2011

The scare is over.... (for now)

No real catchy title today.  I am just now coming out of my brain fog from last night.  Yesterday after coming home from an unplanned appointment with my surgeon I finally took some of my pain pills from almost 2 months ago that he gave me after surgery and slipped into a pain-free night of dozing/watching TV and snacking. 

If you will recall the last year has been pure hell for me as far as the health department goes.  For a recap click here.  I began 2011 with a major surgery having my colon and left ovary removed.  Things were going fairly well and all until about 2 weeks ago.  I got the bright idea that I could ride my bicycle around the neighborhood to prove to myself I could.  Well, I could but after doing so I left myself with a not so nice pain in my left abdomen. 

For the last two weeks I have dealt with that pain and attempted to deny it could possibly be something serious and kept telling myself it will go away.  Well, it didn't and finally Monday morning I called the surgeon's office and the nurse squeezed me into an appointment yesterday. 

Going into the doc's office was not a fun thing to do I tell you.  My greatest fear was the fact that as much as I liked my surgeon I do NOT like him enough to go through the experience of allowing him to cut me open once again. 

I sat on the edge of the exam table gently swinging my feet back and forth in an attempt to refrain from slipping into a homicidal rage keep things light and in walks the doc.  He of course was smiling and joking as usual but somehow it didn't do much for calming my nerves.  At this point I had attempted to deny this pain and fear for two weeks and my mind was only seconds away from falling over the edge of sanity and reason.

After literally a minute, maybe two, doc smiles really big and nods his head.  Is he smiling from a giddy feeling of a future surgery he sees me as?  I mean after all he is a slicer surgeon right?  No, he is in fact smiling because my ailment is in his words "normal".   NORMAL?  WHAT???? 

It seems that a certain percentage of patients have their small intestines rebel a bit against taking on the new role of acting as a colon.  (Remember they took out my colon?? They stretched my small intestine allllll the way around and connected it to the poop shoot to become my new colon.)  The rebelliousness of my small intestine is the source of the spasms in my abdomen I have been feeling.  Whew!~

In addition to this the pulling pain I feel to the left of my belly button is due to the connecting stitch used to attach the before mentioned small intestine now in the role of colon being attached to the muscle.  Apparently, a certain percentage of patients have this stitched area to pull the muscle a little too much causing a small inflammation resulting in pain. 

I shake my head in wonder because just a few days after surgery my doc explained to me the crazy mad itching I was experiencing at the incision area was normal as well.  It seems that a certain percentage of patients (wait haven't we heard this before???) experience this type of maddening itching caused by the nerves under the skin rejuvenating. 

So, all in all everything I am going through is normal.  However, seeing as how I have now accomplished 3 things in a row that only a "percentage" of patients experience do you think I should take a trip to Vegas or something?  I mean it seems my luck is just "right" there yanno? 


  1. Wow, sounds painful. A good friend of mine had her colon removed last year. Everyone has different experiences though. Hope your pain subsides and no further surgery is needed. Thanks for stopping by today. Loved your comments - how relevant considering your post.

  2. Geezo Lady! I am happy that you are medically "normal". The normalcy ends there. ; ) Happy you're well...er.


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