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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Vote or SHUT UP

(Honestly, the title should say it all.)

Today all across our country there is a push to get all eligible voters out to the polls.  Some may think that this is actually easy but in reality here in the land of opportunity Americans have become so complacent that this extremely important day will come and go in their page of history without so much as a blink of an eye. 

This truly saddens me to think that somewhere along the way in history parents have failed to instill the value of the RIGHT to vote. Now, I realize that some will think it's not worth it because of whatever half-brained idea they use as an excuse but honestly would the politicians spend literally billions of dollars campaigning for your vote if it really didn't matter? 

Two years ago, on the way home from picking up the kiddos from school, I had my husband pull over into the church parking lot and wait for me so that I could run in and vote.  It was a simple, painless process and actually there were plenty of volunteers on hand to assist in any way one should need.

As I climbed back into the car my baby girl, Megan stated she couldn't wait until she could vote. A smile came to my face and I asked her why? In a most determined voice she stated, "Well, we can't let our women before us down! They fought for us to vote!"  I can tell you that is one of my most memorable and proud Megan moments ever!  I, along with her teacher at the time, had accomplished instilling the value and importance of voting.

With that little personal story I would like to add a few more points to this subject.  At no point did anyone threaten my life if I voted nor did anyone tell me how to vote.  My family was not put into danger because of my choices regarding my vote.  I was not beheaded, burned or tortured due to my vote.  Although I do venture to state that there are plenty of men and women that have fought and given their lives through history to allow me the right to vote.

So, pardon me if I do get a little vocal and stand up for what I believe in at a meeting, at a rally or even when a particular news story is being broadcast on the television.  The way I see it I have the RIGHT to stand up and be heard.

After all I vote!  
 Do you?

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