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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Spiders, did you say spiders on our pirate adventure?

 (Part Two of The Day at the Guadalupe River)

Well, to continue the saga of the day I must include the girls: Megan, Harmony, Serenity and Kaylee.  Such beautiful, sweet names that one would be mistaken to think belong to equally sweet, innocent little girls. Yes, I said mistaken!  

These girls can be sweet and they are definitely cute but innocent? I should say NOT! 

While the guys were off kayaking their little hearts out the girls allowed their huge imaginations to slip into overdrive.  Suddenly a nice relaxing day at the river became the GREAT PIRATE ADVENTURE!  To sit and hear the girls talking we were in great danger of pirates just up around the corner coming our way as well as savages scouting the cliff's edge which was merely feet away from our campsite.  

WAIT, WAIT, WAIT!  Pirates AND savages in the same story?  Well, I told you they have HUGE imaginations!

The cliff where the terrible savages were hiding.
Soon the urgent cry was made by Harmony the captain to grab the old pirate ship on the water's edge and take to water!  (The ship was in reality an old petrified driftwood log that had settled on the bank.) The girls quickly drug the log into the water and quickly climbed aboard.  Commands from the captain (Harmony) and the crew could be heard floating down the river for miles I am sure but I didn't care one bit because they were happy, laughing and smiling!  

I sat back in my chair on the shore closing my eyes to enjoy a few rays of sun.  The sounds of laughter and the Great Pirate Adventure were lulling me into a calm state of mind.  I opened my eyes a few times to watch the activities and inwardly smiled when Pa joined the fun.  The girls were giving him the lowdown on his duties on the ship when I saw him slap his hand across the back of Serenity's life jacket.  Confusion was  quickly cleared when I heard him tell her that she had a spider on her back.  

The girls laughed and went about their play when suddenly Pa GRABBED Serenity by the life jacket handle and shoved her under water, head and all!  Of course she came up laughing but he was too busy acting like a fool to notice.  He proceeded to push everyone off the log and throw the log down the river in a HE-MAN fashion.  

Now, at this point I am jumping up out of my chair thinking my husband has finally fallen off his proverbial old man rocker.  I am quickly making way to the group when he turns to me sputtering their were spp...spppp...spppppp.. SPIDERS!!  

At this point I begin to literally laugh until I fell on the ground.  The entire group makes it to shore and Megan my very blunt little girl turns to her daddy and says, "OH DADDY!  COME ON!  They were only this big!"
All the while making a small circle with her forefingers and thumbs.  Harmony then joins the fun and 
says, "YEA PA!  What are you scared of a few little spiders for?"

Now, anyone that knows my husband can probably imagine his frustration at being chastised by a group of little girls but on this day instead of his normal scene he simply raised his hands in the air and told them, "well, you are all alive right?" 

And that's how we had spiders on the Great Pirate Adventure!

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