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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Summer Fun at Canyon Lake

As I sit here thinking about the pool outside and the fact that summer is officially here I am smiling.  Here it is barely a few days into summer and already we have had some awesome fun.  

A few weeks back  the 3 younger kids and I joined our friends, the Dunn family, to spend a day relaxing at Canyon Lake.  This was really my first visit to the lake and I fell in love with it!  

The kids immediately took off on kayaks loaned to us. While some of the adults were cautious of the kids being out on the water my kid's scout experience kicked into overdrive.   

Chris quickly fell into the role of kayak instructor for the younger kids.

Our friend Mark Dunn had brought out his boat which was a huge hit!
Of course Mark is always Mr. Cool!

He even let Megan Beth take a turn at driving the boat! 

I also met two amazing young ladies, one of which is an outstanding photographer.  The girls and I agreed to be her subjects for her photos.  These are just a few that she took. 

All in all the entire day was filled with friends

food, fun

and games for the kids!

It was a great day and many new friends were made!

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