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Monday, April 18, 2011

Fiesta & what I love/hate about it! (Part 1 of 3)

First of all I am not originally from San Antonio. So, I know that I have not been born with the fiesta gene pouring through my veins. I realize that causes a problem right out of the running gate because come April every year those born in San Antonio with the all powerful fiesta gene lose their ever loving minds!

By now, if you are one of those San Antonio born fiesta freaks, you are probably sending me death rays via the your pounding headache waves that you have as a result from partying entirely way too much. (haha! I'm sorry but this is funny because you most likely are on your way to work this morning feeling all wonderful like and here I sit in my Pjs drinking my coffee and preparing for a day of work from home! Don't hate me because I'm resourceful!)

But don't hate me too quickly!  I say this because it is I (and a group of about 50 other parents and boy scouts) that work our asses off to set up an entire city block for you party fiesta freaks to enjoy this mayhem!

Without people like us you wouldn't be able to sit in a nice hard comfy chair while you saw ridiculous fantastic things such as this: 

and this:
Now there were a few cool things like this: 
 And of course if you are an old car buff 
like the hubs then you would like this:
 and this:

And then there is always the one thing that makes you 
scratch your head and wonder what were they thinking?
Yes, that is a purple poodle! Being in my 
"Boy Scout Role" I was NOTdrinking that day!

To Be Continued..................


  1. How the heck did I miss the purple poodle?!

  2. We watched the parade from the roof of our hotel in the hot tub. It was sooo crowded and we were wrecked with kid activities.

    It seems like a GREAT time to be there with Special Agent, though....except he is afraid of crowds...and clowns....and maybe purple poodles.



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