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Monday, April 18, 2011

Fiesta & what I love/hate about it! (Part 3 of 3)

Well, I can't very well leave you with a sour impression of me regarding my views of Fiesta now can I? So, here it goes. Here at the things I love about Fiesta!

Things I LOVE and I do mean LOVE!
5.) I love the tradition! I mean come on 1891 to 2011? 
That's some serious crazy partying going on! Who can't love that?

4.) The uniforms! Who can't just LOVE this? Air Force, Marines, Navy, Army, 
I don't care! It can get the blood pumping pride in our country stirred up!
3.) The medals! OH MY GOSH! I love them!  Tradition in San Antonio 
is to collect parade medals from anywhere! You can buy them from the Fiesta Store
or you can even catch them at the parade if you are lucky enough 
for someone in the parade throws one to you!
As you can see people wear them and 
build their collection for years!

I even started my own collection this year! 
These are the ones I caught.

And this is the one Megan caught. 

2.) The trains on the dresses of the Parade Ladies!
The saying is Royalty Reigns! And in these dresses I definitely agree!
Parade Fact: Fiesta is just now over as of yesterday and work 
on the 2012 dresses has already begun!

1.) And finally??? My favorite of all favorite things about Fiesta? 
(You can also see a beautiful shot of another train!)

Tradition for years has been to scream SHOW US YOUR SHOES
as the floats pass by with the pretty Royalty Court ladies.
It is so fun to see what hides beneath those elegant gowns!


Boot Scootin'


Flip Flops!
This is MY personal favorite! Margarita Time Baby!

House Slippers seemed to be quite popular this year!

Even Tennis Shoes!
And so there you have it. My favorite things about Fiesta! Until 2012 my friends!


  1. Nice pictures! I was born in Fort Worth, and have been to San Antonio a couple times in my life. My parents went there for their honeymoon! Mayhaps I shall come down for Fiesta, since it looks like a GREAT time!

  2. Libby Lou!

    It would be great for you to come down sometime! I would love to sit laugh and have a margarita sometime!


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